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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 4 reviews
      Deep Soundararajan
      Pioneering technology

      I was blown away by the technology and its capabilities to synchronise digital heart sounds with ECG.

      Toni Naera - Hearing Therapist with Life Unlimited Hearing Therapy Waikato New Zealand
      Young NZ vet-nurse trainee gets Ministry of Health Funding for Eko ECG+digital Stethoscope

      What a great outcome for SB a young vet nurse trainee in New Zealand who recently received Ministry of Health funding to purchase a stethoscope. Not just a standard stethoscope but the Eko Health DUO ECG + digital Stethoscope to assist with SB significant hearing needs (SB wears a cochlear implant). Phil at the Paramedic Shop was so helpful. I explained to Phil SB's hearing loss and hearing needs in a classroom and clinical setting . I shared that SB, her audiologist and I had looked at several options here in New Zealand but unfortunately there was nothing in NZ that supports the APP used with SB's Cochlear Implant. Phil took such good care, he listened and understood SB's needs and got to work immediately. He provided all the information and advice I needed to assist SB's funding application in order for her to move forward in her chosen career as a vet nurse. All of this done by emails, phone conversations, and YouTube video we researched to help me understand the product I was requesting funding for. Whoever said it can't be done? Yes it can. Thanks Phil. SB is over the MOON!!

      Erica Hill
      Timely Tool

      I am a deaf GP with cochlear implants- invaluable and timely acquisition. Truly wireless! Can’t wait for the EKO Core to become available for more versatility !

      Emily Gordon
      Gold Standard

      A step up from the standard stethoscope. Highly recommend.