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      To the point

      This little book is a really good learning tool for advanced first aiders to paramedics. It provides easy-to-use assessment tools that you can quickly refer back to when you start to second-guess yourself, or a momentary mind-blank. Unlike other similar tools, this is Australian, and follows our commonly used techniques.
      Really useful tool.

      Very helpful

      Love all my stuff from the paramedic shop, I have jsut started studying paramedison and this little pocket book has been helpful getting to know the basic ropes

      Useful tool, but don't write on the 2nd back page!

      This is a neat reference book. The quick references are a god-send if you have a mental blank about what a bone in the face is called or what part of the abdomen can indicate what issue. The amount of quick-reference information they've managed to cram into a thin pocket-sized book is awesome. The question and assessment prompts are also a nice touch, especially if you are new to the job and getting used to what questions to ask. Although do note that the information provided is generic and may not match 100% with what your service requires you to do in their protocols.

      The ability to write on the front and back with a permanent marker and wipe it off with alcohol is a great nifty feature to help give you a structured approach to your reports and make sure you don't forget anything... HOWEVER...

      The 2nd back page is set out similar to the front and back cover (with lots of blanks for filling in info) for MVA reports and METHANE major incident reports... but the markers don't wipe off!! So you can't reuse it like the front and back cover. (see photo attached)
      I think its a bit deceptive as it looks like it's designed to be written on like the front and back, but alas, if you do, you can only use it once. This is the only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars.
      I would recommend the manufacturer of this product make the 2nd back page the same material as the front/back cover to allow it to be written on :)

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