Paramedic Pocket Book + Medications Index 21-22 Combo Pack

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The pack includes the Paramedic Pocket Book 21-22 (write on the templates, wont smudge, then wipe off with alcohol wipes. You can use the templates again and again) and the Medications Index 21-22 (you can quickly search the drug name (Generic or Brand) and the index will help you know if your patient is taking an anticoagulant, antihypertensive, antibiotic or anything else).

Pack Contains Paramedic Pocket Book 21-22, Medications Index 21-22 and a Monami Pen.


Write on the cover templates, it won't smudge. Wipe off with alcohol wipes. You can use the templates again and again.

Some of the pages inside the book:
- MIST template (cover) a great prompt to writing quick reports

- Glasgow Coma Scale, Average Vital Signs, Pupil size chart

- Anatomy and Physiology

- Common Lab result values (ie Normal INR levels)

- Paramedic questions and prompts throughout the book

- ECG and heart guide

- MVA reporting guide

- METHANE reporting guide

- Seizure classification diagram 

- Sepsis and Stroke reporting guide

- Facial injuries anatomy

- Mental Health guide

- Patient details template

And much more.

The best little book in your pocket!

Medications Index for 21-22

The new improved Medications Index for 21-22 has double the content with more drugs and more details of drug indications.

  •  Has over 4000 generic and brand medication names.
  •  Improved index system with detailed descriptions of generic medications.
  •  Includes overdose content for Aspirin, Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, Diazepam and Codeine.
  •  Abbreviations section with prefixes and suffixes guide.
  •  Slightly larger print text than the 2020 version.

Example: You have a patient. They say they are on Denpax for cancer pain. You are not sure what Denpax is. Look it up in the Medications Index A-Z list of drug names. Find Denpax and it will direct you to what type of drug it is and what it is used for.

Denpax = Fentanyl. [S8] (Synthetic opioid analgesic). Breakthrough pain relief for moderate to severe pain. Used for trauma, cancer patients and post-op patients or as an opioid adjunct during general anaesthesia. 

Our most popular little resource packed with thousands of medications and links to help you decipher what type of drug your patient is on?

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    mitch thompson
    Great product

    It arrived quickly and is spot on what I wanted.

    william Burke (Bill)

    This little combo is worth having with you.Does'nt break the bank and can easily fit in a pocket if you wish.If you ever want further information on some products.Contact The 'Paramedic shop'.They are most helpful.

    Handy pocket notes

    Great for having the basics handy!

    Geoff G
    Paramedic Pocket Book Combo

    These are excellent, provides a perfect reference to local protocols.