About Us

The Paramedic Shop has a long history in serving the Paramedic's of Australia. Founded in the early 2000's by the Australian New Zealand College of Paramedicine (ACAP NSW), the store first opened at the Ambulance New South Wales Education Centre at Rozelle, Sydney. The goal was to make available affordable and quality educational and paramedic equipment to all paramedics. The early days saw the store as a simple trolley that would be opened to staff and students at NSW Ambulance Education Centre. 

The History

  • The Paramedic Shop evolved out of necessity as paramedic titles were hard to get and essentially they came from the USA and were specific to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's (NHTSA) standards for curriculum and directed to supporting students studying for the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) exams. These texts were very much of a technical nature, and lacked clinical science and depth of knowledge typically required in the Australian and New Zealand environment. 
  • Students who came through the NSW Ambulance vocational system needed texts to work from, and as these were prescribed, you needed to get the right titles and versions. The ANZCP saw a need, and commenced operating a shop (by a volunteer NSW Ambulance education staff member and member of the College) so it was more professional and less reliant on individual staff members. This was done as a service to members and opened a means of sourcing other paramedic specific items to sell to members at reasonable prices. 
  • The store commenced as a trolley service in 2001 with a handful of titles and was called the ACAP (Australian College of Ambulance Professionals) Shop. A volunteer would come to the ANSW Education Centre and roll out the trolley to the foyer and sell items on the first day of a new class of students. This was advertised so any member could come in on the same day to buy any items they needed either for practice or for study. The College saw this as a great means of value adding to membership and providing a service that facilitated engagement with its members, students and the profession and closely aligned with the objectives of the College.
  • In 2003 negotiations commenced for a permanent room to locate the shop at the ANSW Education Centre to support the NSW Ambulance students. 
  • 2004 - 2005 was a big expansion period for the ACAP Shop (Paramedic Shop), during the year the shop had moved into a physical shopfront room, stock had increased to over 100 items (3/4 text books, but also stethoscopes etc), was still run by a volunteer and was now opened every Friday (fortnightly) for the lunch hour, (as well as on an add hoc basis on day 1 for new student intakes). It also started pre selling packages to starting students, including texts and stethoscope and backpack, which could be pre ordered to pick up on day 1 of starting. The shop also commenced development of an online shop and was investigating electronic payment options.
  • In late 2005 the shop went online and expanded its product lines to 250 items, including text books from major publishers, 3M Littmann stethoscopes, items from DHS, Spyderco knives, tools, lighting, leatherman items, Ferno, Laerdal, etc. 
  • In 2006 planning and negotiation commenced to move into a better premises at ANSW. The target premises was the final shop location, which required substantial investment from the College. The move took place in late 2007 and was the final location of the Paramedic Shop. This year also saw the first employee employed on a part time basis for 4 hours per week to open the shop regular hours and fill orders as much as possible. Volunteers still worked to run the majority of the shops functions.  

  • In 2008 a new retail employee allowed the shop to expand its hours to 14 hours per week (2 days 11am-6pm).
  • In late 2009 the shop changed its name to the Paramedic Shop, and commenced a new online store. Stock items now exceeded 750 items and the website was supported with a national promotional campaign that resulted in over 1.5 million hits. An employee now opened the shop 20 hours per week.
  • The store continued to trade online and from the shop until Jun 2018.
  • In July 2018 the Rozelle shop closed and the store went 100% online.
  • In mid 2018 ANZCP sold the store to Alcove Learning Pty Ltd and signed an ongoing agreement to continue to support the college's members. 

The Future

Today the Paramedic Shop is very proud of its history and continues to strive for the same goals that were the foundations of its establishment.

The goal, to make available affordable and quality educational and paramedic equipment to all paramedics.