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Laerdal Face Shield Keyrings
Marcus Stembridge
For motorcycle

Great size for motorcycle key ring

Super fast delivery, awesome product

I love this stethoscope, it is so sensitive and clear. Highly recommend it

Great service, top quality products

I purchased 3 resqme Alert Me devices. The device is hung over the ear and when triggered by tilting the head forward too much emits a loud piercing sound. Useful in preventing ‘nodding’ or ‘dozing off’ whilst working, watching TV, driving or other activities.

Very good ‘after sales service’ , The company contacted me shortly after delivery. As one of the three devices I purchased was faulty , they ensured a prompt replacement.

Straight to the core.

Actually surprised at how good the sound is in either mode.
I did think there would be some loss of sound quality when not using it in amplified mode but I am genuinely impressed with the sound quality when using it without power.
The enhanced mode is great when travelling in the back of an ambulance as you don't have to worry so much about background noise etc.
Volume when on is awesome I have found the lowest volume setting is usually enough even when the car is running.
Great piece of kit, so glad I upgraded.


I bought this because I have significant hearing loss and I wear hearing aids. I’m still learning how to transmit directly to my hearing aids via Bluetooth, which will be amazing, but in the meantime, I took my hearing aids out and the sounds I can hear through this stethoscope are nothing short of incredible! So much better than I expected! Worth every cent!

Good products

Arrived as expected. I feel much safer already!

Great solution

I was worried the weight of the radio handset might tend to drag the shoulder down but it didn’t! It’s the perfect solution to hanging a radio handset on a shirt without sewn-in plastic clips.

The best ampoule opener

Fast response, easy payment, It delivered very fast, in great condition and I love it. It’s easy to use and very safe. I don’t have to worry about of hurting myself. Definitely well recommended! Thank you so much.

I ordered a hard-to-get technical piece of equipment and it arrived quickly. Ordering was easy and the cost was good. Well done Paramedic Shop and keep up the good work.

Defib replacement Battery

Great customer service.

Great stethoscope

The usual high quality stethoscope from Littmann’s . Comfortable to use . Good for hearing breath sounds , heart sounds and bowel sounds . Easy to clean and decontaminate .
Great service and speedy from the Paramedic Shop.

Great stethoscope

Nice stethoscope to use. Great product & excellent service.

Great penlight

This is a really nice product. But be careful not to store it on a metal surface. On our stainless steel anaesthetic trolley the light keeps flashing on.

Excellent equipment

The suction unit is excellent and extremely easy to use. Great piece of equipment. As usual the service from the Paramedic Shop was super fast.

Excellent rescue knife

Very pleased with the victorinox rescue knife from Paramedic shop.

great detailed books for paramedic students - definitely recommend

Excellent piece of kit.

This stethoscope feels like it was carefully constructed with very high quality materials. It is sturdy and weighted well. The amplification is significant, for my case working in event medicine where the ambient noise is too much for a traditional stethoscope. The iPad/iPhone integration for waveform analysis is a really nicely executed feature. A truly great stethoscope.

Great, quality product.

Omron AC Adapter

This is an OEM Omron AC adapter that works on my Omron Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor HEM-7144T1. Very happy with it.