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      Paramedic Shop | Verified Reviews From Our Customers

      See our verified 5 star reviews from our loyal customers. Find out what over 800 customers have to say about our qualiy educational and paramedic equipment.
      Based on 930 reviews
      Easy to use

      A very easy to use device. Turns itself off after 8 seconds. Has an easy to read screen. The Paramedic Shop filled my order quickly.


      Very easy and efficient to order online & delivered to my door.

      Looks good and sturdy but obviously have not yet tested

      Hopefully will not have to ever use. Looks sturdy enough that hopefully will work in an emergency when needed. Nice and compact


      This is an excellent product & the paramedic shop delivered promptly.

      Yet to use in anger, however these trauma shears seem the real deal. They Have a good sturdy feel to them, with solid grips and the shears cut through my chip packets like a hot knife through butter. If you need a snack opener, would recommend them for sure! I'm sure they're also great for trauma jobs too ūüĎćūüŹľ

      Exactly what I ordered

      I need another pair

      My husband keeps trying to steal this paid. Will be getting another pair. Thank you so much for changing the colour after I had already ordered!

      Fit for Purpose

      I've had my machine for a month now and have found it easy to use and perfect for the purpose of keeping track of my blood pressure morning and night.

      Very good service

      Very good service!

      very helpful

      Excellent range of cuff sizes. Very gentle but worked perfectly, I was able to take my 8 year olds blood pressure without her crying (she hates it).

      Aneroid Sphygmomanometer

      Good efficient service except for Australia Post who took too long for express post

      The ECG Made Easy 9e Hampton
      Samson Ng’odia

      Makes ECG reading easy, excellent service from paramedic shop!

      5 stars

      Excellent product
      Easy online purchase
      Prompt delivery

      Easy and quick to read
      And as always great service from the Paramedic Shop

      Brilliant, effective and compact

      Hope to never use it

      I have not and hope to never have to use it. It is durable and good quality so I am confident that it would be effective if necessary.

      Bought as a gift - well received!

      Bought this stethoscope for my daughter in law who is studying paramedics and is also a volunteer paramedic.

      I was able to purchase her fave colour (light blue) too
      It arrived really quickly and the experience was a good one! Thank you.

      Excellent idea/gift

      I've purchased one for my sons and niece and nephews when they are able learning to drive.

      Worth the money

      Makes wearing the radio much comfier than having it on your epaulette.

      Littman IV Stethescope

      Very good quality. Was everything that I needed. Accurate discription. Wonderful value.

      Just bought one

      It absolutely works, go for it if you need one. Comfortable for the ear.

      Excellent service

      Excellent service

      Five star

      I incorrectly ordered but completely satisfied with wrong products being returned and correctly replaced in a timely manner

      Heart Sure Pulse Oximeter
      Susan Watterson
      Shopping at Paramedic Shop

      Everything went smoothly, they were communicative every step of the way, the process was clear and the product was all we hoped it would be. Thanks peeps. Highly recommend shopping with the Paramedic Shop

      Excellent quality stethoscope!

      This is the 2nd Littmann Master Classic II stethoscope I have had in my 21 year Paramedic career.
      Great robust stethoscope of fantastic quality. Can't go wrong!

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