Integrating Systems Clinical Cases in Anatomy and Physiology

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Integrating Systems: Clinical Cases in Anatomy and Physiology presents real-life examples to help students new to anatomy and physiology demonstrating how anatomy and physiology work together to enable the human body to respond to a range of external challenges.

Students will be able to build their knowledge by engaging with a mix of scenarios focusing on the variations of ‘normal’. The inclusion of concept maps, questions, answers and rationales will provide students and instructors the necessary tools to effectively understand the integration of body systems and prepare for common presentations in practice.

Case study

  • Case study 1 The case of a hiker on a hot day
  • Case Study 2 The case of an insect bite
  • Case study 3 Case of unfit runner (sore muscles after a sudden run)
  • Case Study 4 The case of a cough fit leading to vomiting
  • Case Study 5 The case of an elderly lady who was gardening and became dehydrated
  • Case study 6 The case of an injured football player (bleeding kidneys)
  • Case study 7 The case of a constipated 6-year old boy
  • Case study 8 The case of drinking buddies (acute pancreatitis)
  • Case study 9 The case of a fallen rock-climber
  • Case study 10 The case of a burned thigh
  • Case study 11 The case of a broken femur
  • Case study 12 The case of a starving teenage girl
  • Case study 13 The case of an infant with croup
  • Case study 14 The case of food poisoning: diarrhoea
  • Case study 15 The case of significant blood loss (open wound)

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