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The NexTemp® Ultra Single-Use Clinical Thermometer is individually wrapped and intended for single patient use. It is designed for high accuracy readings and to prevent patients from exposure to infections such as C. difficile, MRSA, Norovirus, and Rotavirus. NexTemp® thermometers circumvent this risk by providing a clean instrument that is used with a single patient and then discarded. Unlike Tempa·DOT™, the NexTemp® thermometer automatically resets itself after use.

Product Specifications

TGA Approved: ARTG 332246

Accuracy: ±0.1ºC

Shelf Life: 5 years from the date of manufacture

Storage: No climate controlled storage required

Value: No time or resources spent on device maintenance

Range: 35.5°C to 40.4°C

Safety: Non-toxic, mercury-free, latex-free

Infection Control: One disposable thermometer per patient

Maintenance: Non-breakable, no calibration or batteries required

Product Accuracy

NexTemp® Ultra’s accuracy is the same as, or better than, other thermometers commonly used in a healthcare setting. Each of the dots has its own formulated temperature point that fires at a specific temperature. When a dot fires, the color changes from green to black. The number of temperature dots that fire is dependent on the patient’s temperature. The last black dot provides the accurate temperature reading.

It is important to remember that axillary temperature readings are routinely lower than corresponding oral temperature readings. This difference is normal and expected.

NexTemp® Ultra & NexTemp® Standard: Differences

The difference between NexTemp® Ultra and NexTemp® Standard is the duration of the temperature signal after the thermometer has been removed from the patient’s mouth (or underarm if an axillary temperature is taken). Both thermometers have the same directions for use; the Ultra simply offers a longer period to read the patient’s temperature before the thermometer begins the reset cycle.

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Gillian Curtis
Disposable thermometer

quick easy, clean and all important accurate to the digital my colleague was using.