S-CUT 701 RTS - Emergency Cutting Tool

701 RTS
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S-CUT 701 RTS now with improved function to rotate and change the cutting blade. It has never been easier. This model is a little smaller than big brother RTL-501, but has the same fine cutting characteristics. This makes it the ideal tool wherever weight is an issue, such as in the ambulance services. The Swedish Police are equipped with the 701.

S-CUT 701 RTS is an invaluable tool to have at hand in situations where a defibrillator might be used. The S-CUT enables you to free patients or accident victims, avoiding unnecessary pain, discomfort or further injury. The 701 RTS is light weight, easy to carry on your belt or in your pocket. A Medical Device Class 1 registered with the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration).

Some fabrics S-CUT removes easily

  • Leather belts
  • Zippers
  • Wet suits
  • Motorbike leathers
  • Seatbelts
  • Heavy duty outerwear – army clothing
  • Protective gear or police protection can easily be cut and removed.

S-CUT 701 RTS Specification


  • Weight: 0.170 kg / 6.0 oz.
  • Length: 178 mm / 7.0 in
  • Width: 24 mm / .94 in


Stainless steel, anodized aluminum and heat resistant plastic parts (up to 100 degrees C, 212 degrees F). Strong detergents may affect the anodised surface but will not affect the cutting performance.

* Cutting blade may corrode in wet conditions, must be kept dry. The blade is coated with a thin layer of oil at delivery.

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