The Gap - A Paramedic's Summer on the Edge - Benjamin Gilmour

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Benjamin Gilmour has been a paramedic for the past twenty years. He has seen his fair share of drama. But the summer of 2008 remains etched in his memory for the very worst reasons.

In this riveting memoir, Gilmour recounts the call-outs that summer: some dangerous, some gruesome, some downright ridiculous. And we meet fellow paramedic John who, they say, can get a laugh out of everyone except the dead. As the city heats up that summer, however, even John begins to lose his sense of humour. People are unravelling – and Benjamin and John are no exception.

The Gap is a vivid portrait of the lead-up to Christmas; an unflinching, no-holds-barred look at what happens after the triple-zero call is made – the drugs, nightclubs, brothels, drunk rich kids, billionaires, domestic disputes, the elderly, emergency births, even a kidnapping. Patients share their innermost feelings, and we witness their loneliness, their despair and their hopes.

Beautifully written and sharply observed, The Gap exposes the fragility of our lives and the lengths the paramedics will go to to try to save us.

Customer Reviews

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The Gap

I found this at times heart breaking and at times funny. It showed the gallows humour of those working in health care, the highs and lows, and just how much of a toll it takes on mental health. I found this book an enjoyable read.

Nathan Burkitt
The Gap

I found the book lacks any substance. Lots of potentially interesting cases but just glosses over any details. I’m hoping the partner was made up, or dramatised, as some of the behaviour made me uncomfortable thinking that’s how a professional paramedic would work, and conduct themselves.


This book was an amazing read. Beautifully written. I couldn’t put the book down. I have ordered Benjamin’s other book Paramedico as well.