Liberty Hip Clip Stethoscope Holder

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Stethoscope holder that attaches to the waistband. Stethoscope easily slips in and out. Helps reduce neck strain. Allows you to free up your hands. Gets the stethoscope off your neck

  • Stethoscope holder that attaches to the waistband
  • Stethoscope easily slips in and out
  • Helps reduce neck strain
  • Allows you to free up your hands
  • Gets the stethoscope off your neck


Customer Reviews

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It works

This Stethoscope holder holds your traditional stethoscopes reasonably well.

You do need to be careful where you place it on your belt, as the stethoscope can catch on things,

If not placed correctly on the belt loop it can dig in, therefore more suitable for placement on a belt, pouch or pocket.

It seems the plastic clip arrangements does deteriorate over time, if clip was changed in quality to steel or something I expect the quality to be better.

It still works very well, and will happily purchase another one when the time comes.

Mel Chittenden
Stethoscope Hip Clip

Purchased as a trial, as I was annoyed with the stethoscope around my neck getting in the way when transferring patients from point A to B.
I have broken 2 as the plastic clip can withstand some pull pressure but when it's at its peak, all over.
I do really like this product, and recommend to others.


I've found this product prevents my stethoscope from tangling as it does when in my pocket.
Perhaps manufactured in steel would add to the resilience of the product.

Fenando Xiong
A must buy!

Definitely recommend this product. It allows your hands to remain free, and your stethoscope remains out-of-the-way without being far when needed. The clip-on to the belt is tight so there's no need to worry that the holder will "drop off". The stethoscope looks neat on you with the holder (rather than your stethoscope being a messy swirl of cords) and as long as you're not bumping the holder or doing hand-stands, your stethoscope is loose but secured.