Transforming Practice through Clinical Education, Professional Supervision and Mentoring

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This important resource investigates topics related to clinical education, professional supervision, and mentoring. Beyond student supervision, it discusses supervision of professionals in the work place and the emerging importance of professional mentoring for ongoing professional development. Its broad perspective is relevant to a wide range of health professions, including audiology, dietetics, nursing, occupational therapy, pharmacy, physiotherapy, podiatry, prosthetics and orthotics, radiography, and speech-language pathology. Complex theoretical material is presented in a straightforward, "person-centered" approach that makes information easily accessible and applicable to practice.
Key Features

  • Written by multidisciplinary experts with academic and research backgrounds who also possess extensive practical experience in a variety of professional health fields.
  • Reader-friendly, engaging material is grounded in current theory and evidence.
  • Three distinct but interrelated fields - clinical education, professional supervision, and mentoring - are addressed together in one book for the first time.
  • Supervision of professionals in their workplace is covered, as well as professional mentoring for ongoing professional development.
  • Presents complex theoretical material in an engaging, "person-centered" approach.
  • Acknowledges the importance of psychological well-being with chapters on the self in supervision and finding meaning and preventing burnout.